Our ecosystem dramatically improves the way medicines are administered.

Avoid inconveniences by making it easier to follow treatments and achieving improved adherence. It saves costs for both the user and the health institutions.

Through remote monitoring allows immediate action in case of emergency.

Pills & Care APP

All our devices are associated with an APP available in APP Store and Android.
All devices have WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.

Our system allows:

Loading of medicines

Loading of medicines

You will be able to load all your medication or that of your person in charge manually or in assisted mode. Our ecosystem makes it easier to manage the loading of medication and treatments.

Add new devices

Add new devices

You can manage more than one pillbox from the application and connect the health sensors associated with it.

Emergency medication

Emergency medication

We have also thought about emergency situations, making it possible to release medicines immediately from our App in order to act immediately in case of emergency.

Manage Treatments

Manage Treatments

Our platform allows you to manage more than one patient and manage all your treatments in a correct and practical way.

Manage Patients

Manage Patients

Measure vital signs remotely, access each patient's history, location, notifications and more.

Manage multiple users

Manage multiple users

The system allows managing more than one user and patients.

Our Team

About Pills & Care

Pills and Care is a company dedicated to improving the quality of life to people who should take medication on a regular basis or wish to improve the way they manage medication to their loved ones.

Through electronic devices and a smartphone app, we achieved control the exact medication supplied to patients

Our system allows you to send this information to responsible people or health centers, while the Patient is at home.

Contact Information

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  •   By Pass de Pando y Ruta 8.
    Pando - Canelones - Uruguay.
    C.P.: 91000.


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Nota en El Observador

La columna Café y Negocios del Fabiana Culshaw para el diario El Observador nos ha hecho una nota para explicar el producto. Gracias Fabiana.–2019365015


Pills&Care estuvo presente en el encuentro de mvdvalley Nov/2018 dando a conocer su producto, de la mano de incubadora Khem.   Gracias @daVinciLAT por un nuevo #11mvdvalley! Felicitaciones a todos los emprendedores! Gracias también @ZonamericaUY — Incubadora KHEM (@IncubadoraKHEM) November 21, 2018

Congreso de Farmacia

Estuvimos presentando los beneficios de nuestro pastillero en el hogar y en centros de salud, y como beneficia a la farmacia hospitalaria en el Congreso de Farmacia de la Asociación de Quimicos Farmaceuticos.


During the first half of 2019 we will be producing a limited production of 200 pill boxes.

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